Sofonica Folder Soldier Free::Locking and unlocking all folders PDF Print E-mail
1) First Time Run

On entering the correct password ,the main window of Sofonica Folder Soldier Free opens.
Locking a Folder: In order to lock the folders in the "Protected folders list",click on the "Lock Folders" button.All folders in the list will be locked.The icon of the locked folders will be changed as shown below :

In order to access the folders again,click on "Unlock Folders" button.The folders icons will be restored to normal.
To close the window,click on "Close" button.
Following is the main program window:

Select from one of the help topics below :

a) Video and Audio Converter.

b) YouTube to MP3 converter.

c) Free Shutdown Timer.

d) Sofonica MP3 Cutter.

d) Sofonica Folder Lock Free.

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