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Free Shutdown Timer is a free software which can schedule shutdown,restart,hibernate,lock,log-off and stand-by operations.

Following steps should be followed to schedule these operations :

Step 1 : Select the operation from the drop down list :

Step 2 : If you want to perform the shutdown operation after specified interval then enter the minutes in the text-box labeled "After"

Step 3 : If you want to perform the shutdown operation at a particular time then enter the time in HH24:MM format in the text-box labeled "Time of shutdown" :

Step 4 : Click on start.A horizontal bar will appear as shown below.This bar shows the time left in shutdown.

Please note that the Shutdown Timer does not support the time for next day.Also,the time entered should be in 24 hour format.This means that if it is 6:30 pm in evening,the time to be entered should be 18:30.
Enjoy !!!

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